Hong Kong Rugby Sevens Visitor's Guide

The Pawn

This restaurant, housed in an iconic colonial landmark, was the frontrunner of Wan Chai’s gastronomic scene. A few months ago it relaunched under the leadership of Tom Aikens – the youngest British chef to be awarded a Michelin star. Today’s Pawn is still divided into different areas: the eclectic first-floor bar area with its balcony and green “Botanicals” bar; a modern upstairs dining room; and a rooftop “Farm” garden featuring home-grown herbs. The cuisine in the main floor is a balance between high end and “honest British cooking”. We were wowed by the innovative selections: melt in your mouth buttery warm poached prawns, vanilla olive oil, coriander yoghurt (HK150/$250), a spectacularly smooth House-made ricotta, olive oil, dried herbs, aged balsamic (HK$95), and perfectly smoked Juniper marinated venison with beetroot (HK$230). If you’re feeling hungry, their beef burger ‘extraordinaire’ with smoked cheddar (a game changer!) double onion and plum jam (HK$180) is delicious, but nothing can hold a candle to the massive 1.2kg Wagyu tomahawk (for sharing) (HK$2,000) – flawlessly prepared, it’s the biggest steak we’ve ever seen in Hong Kong. A lighter but equally delightful main is the roast cod with black truffle cream (HK$250). Conclude your meal with the quintessential British dessert: Sticky toffee pudding with toffee sauce and date ice-cream (HK$60) or the unique chocolate textures (HK$80) with 24 kinds of chocolate in one plate! Our verdict: The Pawn is one of Hong Kong’s must-visits, and the food more than lives up to the hype.


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餐廳位於灣仔休閒新地標和昌大押,由最年輕的英國米芝蓮星廚Tom Aikens主理,是當之無愧的灣仔餐飲領跑者。在這座具有百年歷史的四層樓大押店用餐,體驗必定與眾不同。餐廳主打現代英國料理,一樓的酒吧帶露台及充滿綠意的“Botanicals” 吧,二樓dining room較為摩登正式,屋頂“Farm”農家花園種着自己植物等。主餐廳提供的食物融合高檔和普通英式烹飪風格。一系列獨具創意的菜餚端上桌時我們禁不住讚歎:融於齒間的Warm poached prawns, vanilla olive oil, coriander yoghurt(HK150/$250)、口感順滑的Housemade ricotta, olive oil, dried herbs, aged balsamic(HK$95)、以及完美熏製的Juniper-marinated venison with beetroot (HK$230) 。如果你想食些紮實厚重的, 他們的Beef burger ‘extraordinaire’ with smoked cheddar double onion and plum jam(HK$180)絕對讓你難以忘懷,但最令人印象深刻的無疑是1.2公斤中的Wagyu tomahawk(可供多人分享)(HK$2,000)—— 這是我們在香港見過的最巨型牛扒,口味無懈可擊。另一道更為清淡卻同樣美味的是Roast cod with black truffle cream(HK$250)。最後再以一道經典英式甜點結束這美好一餐:Sticky toffee pudding with toffee sauce and date ice-cream(HK$60)或者集24種朱古力為一體的Chocolate textures (HK$80)。The Pawn是體驗香港殖民地文化的不二之選,食物口味不但名副其實,更是超乎想像。


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Weekend brunch at The Pawn
The Pawn 週末 brunch
Homemade breads, cereals and starters; a choice of hearty mains: roast beef with Yorkshire pudding and horseradish cream, shepherd’s pie, brined and roasted chicken with bread sauce, and roast carrots with honey and lemon. Hangover cured!


The Pawn
62 Johnston Road, Wan Chai
+852 2866 3444