Hong Kong Rugby Sevens Visitor's Guide


Off the beaten path is Risi e Bisi at Central’s hipster town, Kau U Fong. The newly opened Venetian-style urban bacaro (wine bar) offers an in-season set lunch menu (HK$90-$105 only?!) featuring a combination of fresh
homemade pastas, selected local and regional produce and revitalizing lunch coolers. We sample the traditional Italian dishes at the friendly environment: of the appetizers, the Crunchy feta and orange salad was our favourite as it gave a fresh kick-start to the meal. Of the three pastas, we loved the Classic bolognaise because of the homemade chitarra(you can tell from the texture). The pleasant surprise to end the meal was the Passion fruit tart baked to perfection. In the a la carte menu, meaty signatures dominated, particularly the crumbly Lamb & Pistaschio Meatballs (HK$80) and the 72 Hours U.S. Short Rib (HK$120). We won’t hesitate to recommend this fun and lively place great for mingling with tasty bites and a wide range of amazing drinks.


Dining RISI-e-BISI-Grilled-Watermelon-Steak

Grilled Watermelon Steak



座落於潮人之地九如坊的Risi e Bisi是威尼斯風的小酒館,當季午市套餐僅需90-105港幣,提供一系列自家製新鮮意粉,精選當地及其他地區食材,更有多款沁人心脾的午市飲料。我們在輕鬆的環境下試食了幾道傳統意大利菜式:開胃菜中,Crunchy feta and orange salad是我們的最愛。三道意粉中,我們最鍾愛Classic bolognaise的口感。主食後的Passion fruit tart實在是一個驚喜,為此餐畫上完美句號。餐廳a la carte餐單上,有多道招牌肉類菜式,尤其是鬆脆的 Lamb & Pistaschio Meatballs (HK$80)以及72 Hours U.S. Short Rib (HK$120)。我們一致推薦這家餐館,不妨叫上三兩好友,觥籌交錯,細味Risi e Bisi的美酒佳餚。


12 Kau U Fong, Central
+852 2824 3009