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New Nordic Semi Buffet Lunch

FINDS is pushing forward its role as a gateway to promote the trend of Nordic cuisine by designing its new semi buffet lunch base on the guidelines of New Nordic Diet. Possibly the world’s healthiest eating plan, multiple research studies suggest that New Nordic Diet is considered to help reduce weight, body fat and blood pressure.

Organic Root Vegetables

By following three fundamental principles: Obtain more calories from plant and fewer from meat, consume more aquatic food and eat food from the wild countryside, Executive Chef Jaakko Sorsa fills the buffet bar with nutritious rye bread, healthy salad choices, leafy green, organic root vegetables, oily fishes rich in Omega 3, shellfish, boiled premium potatoes, wild berries and light desserts. All cooked food is prepared with Swedish rapeseed oil which has less saturated fat and more heart-healthy omega 3 than olive oil.

Slow-Roasted All Natural Chicken Breast

A typical week’s fares might include three meat, two seafood, and two vegetarian meals. Focusing on whole grains, fresh fish, natural meat and wild food, the main choices includes signature House-Smoked Salmon Fillet, Pan Fried Codfish Fillet, Slow-Roasted All Natural Chicken Breast served with barley-porcini risotto and Fresh Mushroom “Pytti-I-panna” (Swedish fry-up).

Starting from16 March, New Nordic Semi Buffet Lunch is available daily from 12pm to 2:30pm, at HK$188 per person from Monday to Friday with optional main course at additional HK$98 up, and HK$328 per person including one main course on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.


作為城中唯一的北歐餐廳,FINDS致力推廣當地飲食文化,最新推出的半自助午餐更參照世界上最健康的飲食方案之一「新北歐飲食風格」設計,讓賓客即使出外用餐都可以吃得健康。近年不少歐美營養學研究均指出, 新北歐飲食方案對健康有多種好處,如有助減重、降血脂及血壓。

Yoghurt Pannacotta

餐廳行政總廚Jaakko Sorsa 依照新北歐飲食法三大要點: 一) 多吃蔬菜減少吃肉來吸取身體所需的卡路里,二) 多吃海產食物,三) 多吃野生食材來設計菜單。頭盤、餐湯、和甜品以自助形式供應,集富營養又美味的食物: 裸麥製的麵包、健康沙律、綠葉蔬菜、有機根菜、含豐富奧米加-3 的油魚(如三文魚、希靈魚等)、殼類海鮮、水煮優質薯仔、野莓及輕甜品。所有熟食使用瑞典菜籽油烹煮,相對比橄欖油含較低飽和脂肪,卻有更多對心臟有益的奧米加-3。

Fresh Mushroom Pytti-I-panna




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