Hong Kong Rugby Sevens Visitor's Guide

Lan Kwai Fong’s Common Room

Right on the corner of Lan Kwai Fong – Hong Kong’s notorious party district – is this gastrobar showcasing “world tapas” with first-class cocktail mixologists heading up the cast iron liquor library. If their drinks are fantastic (Punch Drunk Love, Pornstar Martini!), wait till you try their food. The fusion plates are perfect for sharing, whether it’s for dinner or bar bites. The Pulled Pork Poutine (HK$98) is a rich and meaty version of French fries, doused with melted cheddar cheese and BBQ sauce – a perfect way to offset your evening’s worth of alcohol. We adored the Wagyu Foie Gras Sliders (HK$108) good for two, an indulgent bite of wagyu and foie gras with caramelized onions, arugula and balsamic reduction. The Chicken Liver and Foie Gras Pate (HK$138) is another signature plate, seasoned with peppercorn and brandy on homemade crostini, a perfect blend of smooth and crisp. For a bigger meal, the Lobster Risotto (HK$178) would hands down be our choice: the soft rice was generously cooked with lobster chunks, cream, and white wine. Finishing up our meal here, we’d have to say if there’s something the good here has in common, it’s that they’re all good!

common room Wagyu Foie Gras Sliders


這一隱於香港派對熱地蘭桂坊的酒吧餐廳供應各類小食與精品雞尾酒,是蘭桂坊諸多新興 gastrobar(由Gastronomy 與Pub兩字組成,比起傳統酒吧更注重食物,是酒吧跟餐廳的結合)中的佼佼者。Fusion 概念的菜式適合多人分享。Pulled Pork Poutine (HK$98)有似法式薯條,但肉量更多,味道更濃厚,浸沒在cheddar芝士及BBQ醬汁中,正是夜飲的完美搭配。兩人份 Wagyu Foie Gras Sliders(HK$108)極受我們青睞:神戶牛肉配上鵝肝、焦糖洋蔥及香料。 而 Chicken Liver and Foie Gra Pate (HK$138)則是另一道經典菜式:以幹胡椒和白蘭地調味,配上自家製 crostini,順滑又鬆脆的口感相得益彰。而想要大食一餐的話,萬不可錯過 Lobster Risotto (HK$178):香軟的米飯加入大塊鮮美龍蝦肉,令人欲罷不能。這裡不僅美酒醉人,食物也帶來同樣驚喜。多元化的選擇,無國界的宗旨,歡迎來到 Common Room 體驗一把不 common 的感受。


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Common Room
1/F, Wo On Building,
8-13 Wo On Lane, Central
+852 2525 3599