Hong Kong Rugby Sevens Visitor's Guide

Hungry in Wan Chai? (Sponsored Feature)

All your wanderings might leave you with a grumbling stomach… here are four tasty joints that won’t let you down.

1.   The German beer garden 德國啤酒餐廳:  King Ludwig Beerhall

As its name suggests, their specialty here is beer: from Lowenbrau to Maisel’s Weiss Draught. Bavarian fare is served in large portions. Mouth-watering signature dishes include King Ludwig’s Pork Knuckle, the Sausage Sampler, Krustenbraten (crisp roast pork belly), and farm rolls with liver mousse.

King Ludwig提供多款德國特色啤酒,由Lowenbrau到Maisel’s Weiss Draught,配以馳名招牌菜如德國鹹豬手、德國香腸拼盤、Krustenbraten(脆烤五花肉)及農夫餐包配牛肝醬,均令人垂涎欲滴。

Shop 2, 2/F, Wu Chung House, 213 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai.

+852 2861 0737


2.  One main wonder 享譽巴黎的法式牛扒屋:  Le Relais de l’ Entrecôte

The steak-frites-only restaurant – this trend has taken Hong Kong by storm with several similarly themed restaurants sprouting up overnight. Get a taste of it at Le Relais de l’Entrecôte, with its trimmed sirloin steak, unique “secret” sauce, homemade French fries, and fresh salad topped with walnuts, providing the genuine Parisian steak to gourmets in Hong Kong. The food is simple yet so delicious they can get away with serving only one main for years.

Le Relais de l’Entrecôte以美味牛扒,招牌秘製醬汁及熱辣辣的香脆手切法式薯條及蔬菜核桃沙律脫穎而出,提供正宗地道的法式牛扒體驗。食物簡單卻如此美味,令人一吃難忘。


2/F, GARDENEast, 222 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai
灣仔皇后大道東222號GARDENEast 2 樓
+852 2891 9080


3.  One-and-only 360-degree Revolving Buffet Restaurant:  The Grand Buffet 

      全港唯一旋轉自助餐廳:  自助山

Hong Kong’s only 360° revolving restaurant is perched 60 stories above ground in Wan Chai’s Hopewell Centre.
The Grand Buffet is famous and well-known for its “a-la-minute buffet” concept where the food is cooked right
in front of guests in small portions so the hot food experience is more like a restaurant than a buffet.


62/F, Hopewell Centre, 183 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai
+852 2506 0888 / 2506 0666


4.  Spanish fire burning 西班牙熱情美食:  Quemo

Fire heats things up at Quemo, which features paellas and barbacoa, a style of Spanish barbecue. The atmosphere
alone gets you in a good mood, from the breezy outdoor to the rowdy and fun main room. Go for the exceptional
Paella, Quemo Hong Kong’s signature dish, or the 69˚ slow-cooked suckling pig bites.


5/F, QRE Plaza, 202 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai
香港灣仔皇后大道東202號QRE Plaza 5樓
+852 2836 0699