Hong Kong Rugby Sevens Visitor's Guide

Hong Kong Team Player Q&A: Tom McQueen

The Sevens is in Tom McQueen’s blood ever since he went to see the game when he was five years old.  He also played a role as a junior and youth on stadium pitch on the games.  He is happy to tell us how the Sevens become part of his life ever since.


Tom McQueen
25, Wing/centre

CityLife: What is it like playing for Hong Kong?
Tom: Awesome, we travel often and I’ve had the chance to see parts of the world I would never have been to otherwise.

CL: What other sports do you enjoy?
Tom: Fishing! I caught a huge beardfish whilst on tour in Moscow at the RWC 7s 2013, since then I have been addicted.

CL: How has rugby changed your life?
Tom: It has allowed me to see the world, make friends for life and prevented me from having to get a real job!

CL: Where would you take your friends on a night out here?
Tom: The local and then kick on to Knutsford Terrace.
CL: What was your best night out in Hong Kong? How did it go?
Tom: I can’t remember…


Tom McQueen

25 歲, 香港隊翼鋒 / 中鋒

東方之珠: 為香港隊奮戰的感覺如何?
Tom: 好極了,我們經常出國,給了我機會看看世界不同的地方,要不是欖球我可能一輩子也不會去那些地方。

東方之珠: 除了欖球,你還喜歡什麼運動?
Tom: 釣魚,2013年我們在莫斯科打七人欖球世界盃的時候,我釣到一條很大的鬚魚,自此我就釣上癮了。

東方之珠:  欖球如何改變了你的生活?
Tom:  它帶我到世界各地,讓我認識了一輩子的好友,令我不用找份“正經”的工作。

東方之珠:  你晚上會帶朋友上哪兒?
Tom: 在市區逛逛,再去諾士佛台。

東方之珠:  你在香港最難忘的哦夜晚?
Tom: 我不記得了……