Hong Kong Rugby Sevens Visitor's Guide

Hong Kong Team Player Q&A: Lindsay Varty

Lindsay’s best memory of being a player of the Sevens was scoring a try against Kazakhstan in her first Hong Kong Women’s Sevens when she was 17.  She is happy to share with us more about her life outside of the Sevens.


Lindsay Varty
26, Scrum half/centre

CityLife: Tell us about growing up with the Sevens.
Lindsay: I have been to every single Hong Kong Sevens in my life except one when I was travelling! As a child, I remember having a BBQ with my family in the stands and watching my hero Serevi score endless tries. As I got older, I remember playing in the stadium for the Hong Kong national age grade teams really early on the Saturday and Sunday mornings of the Sevens. I then made my way to the South Stand and joined the atmosphere there! I’m probably the loudest cheerer for my brother when he plays for Hong Kong (except for my mum!).

CL:  What is it like playing for Hong Kong?
Lindsay: Playing for Hong Kong is a huge honour as I get to represent my home in tournaments all around the world. Every time I put on the Hong Kong jersey, I feel very proud of my city and also of myself for putting in many years of hard work to get where I am.

CL: What other sports do you enjoy?
Lindsay: I used to also play hockey, netball, football, cross-country and do athletics when I was in school. Now I still go running and I like kayaking and paddle boarding when it’s sunny!

CL: Favourite things about Hong Kong?
Lindsay: The countryside, going on junk boats and going squid fishing.

CL: Favourite food in Hong Kong?
Lindsay: Gai dan jai (egg waffles) and wonton noodles.

CL: How has rugby changed your life?
Lindsay: Rugby has taught me the importance of health and fitness, healthy competition, discipline and team work.




華莉絲, 26歲, 香港隊傳接鋒 / 中鋒

東方之珠: 跟我們說欖球如何伴著你成長?
華莉絲:  我出生到現在的每場比賽我都有看,除了有一次我身在海外而錯過了。我記得小時候和家人一邊在看台吃燒烤,一邊為達陣停不了的撒力菲打氣。年長後,我星期六日一大早便在大球場以香港青年軍身份比賽。長大後,我就去了南看台享受那邊的氣氛,我哥哥代表香港比賽時,除了我媽媽外,我應該是打氣最大聲的球迷。

東方之珠: 為香港參賽的感受是怎樣?
華莉絲: 我很榮幸代表香港參賽,以港隊身份到世界各地比賽。每次穿上港隊球衣我都為我的城市、我自己感到自豪,因爲我經過多年的努力才能走到這一步。

東方之珠: 除了欖球外還喜歡什麼運動?

東方之珠: 最愛香港的地方?
華莉絲: 去郊外坐船釣墨魚。還有到了很晚,很多店鋪餐廳仍在營業。

東方之珠: 最愛的香港地道美食?
華莉絲: 雞蛋仔和餛飩面。

東方之珠: 欖球如何改變了你的生活?
華莉絲: 欖球教會我認識健康的重要性,良性競爭、紀律和團隊合作,亦避免我在街頭惹麻煩。