Hong Kong Rugby Sevens Visitor's Guide

Hong Kong Team Player Q&A: Alex McQueen

Looking forward to excel to the World Series and the Olympics, Hong Kong-born Alex McQueen is happy to do what he loves, and he is so proud to represent the team of his birthplace.


Alex McQueen
26, Scrum half

CityLife: What brought you to Hong Kong?
Alex: My parents! I was born here!

CityLife: What is it like playing for Hong Kong?
Alex: There is an amazing atmosphere with the home crowd behind us!

CityLife: Had you been to the Sevens before playing in it?
Alex: I have been every year since I was five. Loved it! It’s what made me want to represent Hong Kong.

CityLife: What are your goals for 2015?
Alex: Qualify for the World Series and the Olympics!

CityLife: What other sports do you enjoy?
Alex: Basketball

CityLife: Where would you take your friends on a night out here?
Alex: Racks, Fly, and Geronimos.


Alex McQueen
26, 香港隊傳接鋒

東方之珠: 你是怎樣來到香港的?
Alex:  我在香港出世。

東方之珠: 為香港隊奮戰的感覺如何?
Alex:  這裡氣氛一流,還有主場球迷支持我們。

東方之珠: 你在參賽之前有沒有看過比賽?
Alex: 我5歲開始每年都有看,我真的很喜歡看,這也是我想代表香港出賽的原因。

東方之珠: 2015年的目標是什麼?
Alex: 希望能入圍種籽隊賽事和奧運會!

東方之珠: 除了欖球,你還喜歡什麼運動?
Alex: 籃球。

東方之珠: 你晚上會帶朋友上哪兒?
Alex: Racks、Fly和Geronimos。