Hong Kong Rugby Sevens Visitor's Guide

Getting around in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has the best public transport system in the world. Take full advantage to experience the one-of-a-kind travelling convenience in the city!


1.  MTR 

The Mass Transit Rail system covers most major districts. To get to the HK Stadium, simply take the MTR to Causeway Bay station, get off at Exit F and walk about 10 minutes.

港鐵: 搭乘港鐵至銅鑼灣站,由F出口步行10分鐘到達香港大球場。


2.  Buses 

Travel Essentials Bus

Hong Kong buses are modern and clean, and cover virtually the whole city. Franchised buses operate on a fixed schedule. Fares are paid by Octopus Card or coins.

巴士: 舒適準點,可用八達通或現金支付車票。


3.  Star Ferry 

Travel Essentials Ferry

One of the most iconic – and cheapest – forms of transport in the city. Ferries leave from Central pier 7 to Tsim
Sha Tsui; and from Wan Chai to Tsim Sha Tsui. A great way to enjoy the spectacular view of Victoria Harbour.

天星小輪: 香港最知名最便宜的交通工具。由中環碼頭或灣仔碼頭都可以前往尖沙咀。


4.  Taxis 

Colour-coded by area, taxis are easily accessible at designated taxi stands and on the street. Flagfall charges for the first 2km are from $22, with incremental charges of $1-$1.60 for every subsequent 200m.
的士: 不同地區各有不同顏色的的士。 起步2公里HK$22,之後每200米 HK$1—HK$1.60.


5.  Tram 

Take the century-old “Ding Ding” for to see some street life on a budget. You can ride the full 30-kilometre length at $2.30 per adult, $1.20 per child and $1.10 for a senior. Get on at the back of the tram and pay at the front as you alight.
電車: 乘搭歷史悠久的電車,體驗舊香港風情;由車尾上車,在車頭下車時支付車費。


6.  Octopus

Simple and convenient, this stored-value smart card can be used on all forms of public transport, including the MTR, buses, minibuses, ferries, trams, as well as at convenience stores and other retailers. Purchase at any MTR station.



7.  The Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)

The Hong Kong dollar (HKD) is pegged to the US dollar at $7.75 and the Euro at about $8.74 Calculate accordingly.



8.  Language 

As most people in Hong Kong are bilingual, visitors can get by in English for the most part. Learn a couple of phrases to surprise the locals: Néih hóu – Hello. Néih hóu ma – How are you? M̀h’gōi – Thank you!

語言: 香港通行英文、粵語和普通話。大部分居民都通曉雙語。


9.  Safety and Emergency 

Hong Kong is one of the safest places in the world with very low crime rates. Still, it is advised to be aware of your surroundings and watch out for your valuables. Do not run foul of the law such as possessing drugs or contraband and stay out of drunken fights! When in trouble dial 999 for emergency ambulance, fire or police assistance.

緊急狀況: 香港犯罪率極低,是全世界治安最好的城市之一,但你仍需小心保管財物。報警、火警、急救都可撥打緊急電話999。


10.  Weather 

Weather in March is generally pleasant in Hong Kong, with temperatures in the low 20s. You may want to take an umbrella in case of rain though.

氣候: 3月的香港氣溫通常在20攝氏度以下,氣候宜人。可預備一件風衣以防降雨。