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Empire City Huaiyang

Peking Duck with foie gras and caviar – we bet that hasn’t crossed your mind before. Haute Chinese cuisine is taking over Hong Kong, full of fresh starts and new ideas: time to try something that will blow your mind. Clearly a lot of time, effort and money has gone towards this new “upgraded” Chinese restaurant on the Wan Chai harbourfront. The lychee-wood roasted Peking Duck was the star of the show. There were multiple flavour options (more than 10) for the homemade roasted duck, but the highpoints are the Roasted Peking Duck with Crystal Duck Foie Gras ($345 half/$688 whole) and the Roasted Peking Duck with Caviar ($495 half/$988 whole). It probably sounds like too much richness in your mouth all at once, but Empire City Huaiyang perfected the art of balance with their leading dish.


Dining Empire City Huaiyang


北京烤鴨配鵝肝魚子醬——我們敢打賭,你從未想過還會有這樣的吃法。高檔中式餐廳席捲全港,充滿創意和驚喜:是時候品嚐些標新立異的食物了。坐落於灣仔海畔的這家高檔中餐廳經長時籌備,投入大量資金人力。以荔枝木烤製的北京烤鴨無疑是此餐最讓我們折服的一道。餐廳提供十多種口味的烤鴨,而其中最出彩的當屬水晶鵝肝片皮鴨 ($345 半隻/$688 整隻)以及尋龍魚子片皮鴨(HK$495 半隻/$988 整隻)。乍聽之下,似乎覺得如此吃法太過肥膩。但大都淮陽在炮製這道招牌菜式時卻將口感質地平衡得恰到好處。


Dining Empire City Huaiyang

Stir-fired Shrimp with Biluochun Tea



Empire City Huaiyang  大都淮揚
8/F, Convention Plaza, 1 Harbour Road,
Wan Chai
+852 2628 0218